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Paths Exist for Sealing Juvenile Records, Vacating & Expunging Convictions, and Restoration of Gun & Voting Rights

We all understand that people make mistakes and we believe that people deserve a second chance. Baldwin Legal Group can help pave the way for school, employment opportunities, voting, or hunting by wo... Read More

Assault and Domestic Violence

Assault and domestic violence allegations can destroy your life. You may find yourself legally removed from your home and your family based only on accusations. If you have been charged with a crime o... Read More

Stages of a Criminal Case

In addition to aggressive defense in DUI cases, we can also provide comprehensive defense representation to clients facing charges for assault, domestic violence, etc. If you've been arrested in South... Read More

Do you need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Facing any criminal conviction is difficult. If you've been arrested, the attorneys at Baldwin Legal Group can help you through the complicated legal proceedings ahead of you. Do you feel like the evi... Read More

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