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Assault and Domestic Violence

Assault and domestic violence allegations can destroy your life. You may find yourself legally removed from your home and your family based only on accusations. If you have been charged with a crime of domestic violence, getting help from experienced legal counsel is crucial to improving your chances of a positive legal outcome.

Baldwin Legal Group has extensive experience protecting the rights of individuals who have been accused of domestic violence abuse. We will fight hard to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the criminal process. 

DV Allegations Result in Mandatory Arrest

Most people are unaware that their local police departments have a mandatory arrest policy when the police are called to a home for allegations of domestic violence. That means that if a neighbor calls “911” because a husband and wife are screaming at each other and causing a commotion next door, the police will go to that residence intending to arrest the more "culpable" one — however they view that. Sometimes a husband will literally "volunteer" to be arrested so that his wife can remain home with the kids. Other times, the police simply get it wrong.

An Alleged Victim Cannot Drop Criminal Charges

Most people are unaware that the alleged victim in a domestic violence case does not have the power to "drop the charges." Once a person is arrested and brought before a court for arraignment, the prosecuting attorney's office takes control of the case. Most prosecutors will never agree to dismiss domestic violence charges at an arraignment. That means that if you are charged with domestic violence assault, or violation of a restraining order, or any other type of domestic violence, you should hire a good attorney to work toward ultimately getting the case dismissed.

A charge of domestic violence or assault puts you at risk of having your private life become public information. An experienced criminal defense attorney will be sensitive to all aspects of your case, both inside and outside the courtroom. Your reputation and your future are at stake. If you are not a U.S. citizen, a domestic violence conviction could affect your immigration status and ultimately lead to deportation.

Simple and Gross Misdemeanor Charges

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor you should seek legal counsel, regardless of the nature of the crime. Even misdemeanor convictions can remain on your record for many years, and can result in fines or even jail time in some cases. Misdemeanors are broken down into two categories:

  1. Simple Misdemeanors - These include trespassing, attempted thefts, and many traffic matters. Maximum sentence is 90 days in jail, and/or a fine of up to $1,000.
  2. Gross Misdemeanors - These include DUI, DV assaults and violation of domestic protection orders. Maximum sentence is 364 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $5,000.

While many misdemeanor offenses may not seem serious, any conviction can have lasting effect in your life when seeking credit, employment, driver’s license, or other professional licenses. We can use our experience to seek potential plea bargains or mitigation of charges, especially for first time offenders. We take defense of your misdemeanor charge seriously, and will advocate to have charges dropped or reduced by prosecutors. By retaining Baldwin Legal Group, you can be assured of a dedicated legal defense team that has an in depth knowledge of how prosecutors view these types of offenses.


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