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Do You Need a Lobbyist?

Chester is a lobbyist and attorney in private practice representing clients at the Legislature and with agencies of government. Chester has built strong relationships with lawmakers in House and Senate Leadership and members of each caucus to facilitate the priorities of his clients. Chester’s business experience along with his degrees in Finance, Business Computer Information Systems, Healthcare, and Law make him uniquely positioned to facilitate unified solutions on a broad range of client issues. He routinely facilitates meetings with lawmakers, reviews and drafts legislation, and testifies before the Washington State Legislature.

There is an old saying at the Capital, “If you’re not at the table, then you’re on the menu.” What this means is that if there is no one representing your industry in Olympia and looking out for your best interests, you may not even know that you’ve been targeted until it is too late. We have worked with more than one association that did not feel any need to have a lobbyist in Olympia until a tax was imposed on their industry and then they were forced to scramble to hire us to overturn the previously passed tax...that is NOT the most effective way to get things done in Olympia.

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