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What is a Lobbyist and Who Needs One?

In every sector of the economy, business is significantly impacted by policies and decisions across all branches of state government and it's no longer enough for companies to simply react to changes proposed by others. The most effective approach in addressing issues, creating opportunity and protecting your bottom line involves working with decision makers and regulatory bodies outside of the conventional financial and legal arena to proactively and successfully address the most challenging governmental and community concerns. Conforming to established regulations or drafting and shepherding legislation requires teaming with practitioners who have deep industry experience and have mastered the complex technical and procedural aspects of the legislative, regulatory and administrative policy making process.

In an age of unprecedented government intervention in private industry, businesses require more than just a clear understanding of the state agencies to which they are accountable to be successful. They must know how to quickly reach and positively influence the right audience, making it more important than ever to partner with government affairs specialists who have experience in Olympia. Decisions made in the capital affect businesses around the state. Regardless of your business objectives, collaborating with consultants with extensive government experience and key relationships developed over time will not only streamline the process while saving time and money, but strategically promote the right message for your company.

Whether you're looking to analyze and draft legislation, navigate complex laws, influence or change regulatory requirements, or implement government mandates, we are here not just to represent you, but to advocate for you in a focused and specialized way.

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